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Things To Do With Your Old Junk Vehicle

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If you have an old vehicle that you consider to be junk, you might begin to wonder what you can do with it so you no longer have to have it on your property just sitting around. Take a moment to review the following suggestions and you should have a much easier time deciding what to do with it.

Donate It To A Trade School

There are trade schools that offer automotive repair and auto body repair courses.They might be willing to take your vehicle as a donation and use it for their students to practice on. You just have to contact these schools to see if they are currently accepting vehicles and what the donation process is like. You may even be able to use this donation as a write off, as long as you get the proper receipt from the school that is taking ownership of your vehicle.

Send It To The Scrap Yard

If you believe your vehicle is beyond repair and it is no longer useful to you, you might just want to send it off to the local scrap yard. You can make a little bit of money off of the sale, but it might only be a few hundred dollars. The amount of money that you can get for scrapping the vehicle will depend on where you live, the current value of metal at the time of the sale, and the policies of the scrap company you are trying to work with. You can generally get more money for the scrap if you are able to get the vehicle there on your own. If they have to bring out one of their tow trucks to get it, you may be offered slightly less. It is still a great way to get rid of a junk vehicle.

Sell It For Parts

You could list the vehicle for sale and clearly state that it is being sold for parts. This way, even though there isn't much of a chance for the vehicle to be worth repairing to make it road worthy again, someone can get some use out of the parts that still do work. Some people might even pay money for a fender, the bumper, the steering column, and other parts that they need to finished repairs on the vehicle that they have that matches the make and model of your junk vehicle.

With those suggestions in mind, you should find that it is going to be rather easy to get rid of your old junk vehicle. For more information, reach out to companies like TNT Auto Salvage