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Why Shouldn't You Keep an Old Car?

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Keeping a car for as long as possible can often feel like a wise financial decision. By holding onto your old car, you're maximizing the value you get from the original purchase price. While constantly rotating through new vehicles can often be costly, holding on to your ride well beyond its expiration date can come with its own set of significant downsides.

If you find that you often have trouble letting go, it can be helpful to learn why forcing a tired old car to struggle to keep up can sometimes be the wrong move. Here are three reasons to consider junking your old beater, even if it seems like it may have a tiny spark of life left in it.

1. Maintenance Costs Increase With Age

It's no secret that older vehicles tend to have more problems than newer models. As your car puts on the years and miles, more parts will inevitably fail. Other components can bring down even a bullet-proof engine or transmission. Failing sensors, aging water pumps or power steering pumps, and fluid leaks can lead to costly repairs and even cascading failures.

The cost of routine maintenance can go up, as well. Older engines tend to burn more oil, which can mean spending the money to top up more often. You may also find that you need to increase your oil change intervals to keep your engine running well. Over time, these small costs can add up, rapidly shifting the most cost-effective option from "keep it" to "junk it."

2. Emergency Car Purchases Are Often More Expensive

Buying a new car isn't something to take lightly, and it's not a decision you should make too hastily. Unfortunately, you probably need your vehicle for work or to take care of your family. If your old beater suddenly dies, you'll need to replace it fast. That may mean rushing into a poor purchasing decision or even taking out a financing loan on less-than-ideal terms.

If you decide to junk your old beater while it still runs, you'll have more time to plan your next move and find a new vehicle that's both affordable and reliable. Since you know how much the scrap yard will offer for your junk car, you'll also have a better idea of your budget before you start your search.

3. Breakdowns Can Have Unexpected Costs

Keeping your car until it finally leaves you stranded on the side of the road can be more expensive than you might expect. If you can't have the vehicle towed immediately, you may face significant fines or impound costs if the police have to haul it away. These costs can eat into your profits when you finally decide to sell it to a junk buyer, leaving you with less money to purchase a replacement.

Maintaining an old vehicle is an art form and a point of pride, but there can get to be a point where it certainly no longer makes financial sense to drive it around. If your beater is well past its prime, then turning it into a scrapyard is often the best move for your financial future.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for cash for your junk car.