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Have a Junk Car? Know How to Sell It for Cash

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Do you have an old junk car that nobody wants to buy and you need to get rid of it? If so, you can sell it to a local auto wrecker who specializes in cash for junk cars and will essentially buy it for parts. Here is what you need to do when selling your junk car.

Prove You Are The Owner

The first thing that you are going to have to do is prove to the auto wrecker that you are the owner of the vehicle. This means having the title that is in your name, because you will not be able to sell your vehicle without the title no matter how bad of shape it is in. Make sure you find all your paperwork and put it in order so that you can avoid complications later on. 

Know About The Price

While you may think your car is not worth much money, do not make the mistake of going to an auto wrecker and selling your car for whatever they say it is worth. Do your research before going in, and try to determine how much the car could be worth. This can be done by looking at the car's blue book value, knowing what is wrong with the car, and what it will take to be repaired if necessary. You may be surprised to learn that your vehicle is actually worth more than you think to an auto wrecker. Keep in mind that your car may be worth less if it is missing valuable parts, such as the engine, if it is in working condition. 

Shop Around

Another mistake that people make is going to one auto wrecker and selling it to the first person who makes an offer on it. Even though it is a junk car, it is worth shopping around to various places to ask how much your vehicle is worth. You do not have to take the car in person, especially if it does not run. However, make sure you have all the information ready about the car, including what is wrong with it. 

Deliver the Vehicle

Once you accept an offer on your vehicle, arrange to drop it off at the auto wrecker and get cash for it. Definitely try to drive the car to the auto wrecker if you are able to do so, since towing the vehicle might cut into the money that you will make from selling it.