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Preparing Your Vehicle For A Scrap Yard

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If you have a vehicle that you no longer drive, and you do not want to keep it upon your property longer than it needs to be there, a scrap metal yard is a location that will accept it. Here are steps to take before scrapping an old vehicle.

Contact Several Scrap Metal Yards In Your Area

Before you give up your vehicle to land in a scrap metal yard, it is important you make a few phone calls to decide upon which one in your area you would like to use. Some scrap yards require that you are able to drive your vehicle to their property to be weighed before it is accepted. Others will pick up vehicles using a tow truck.

The price of the metal at the moment also makes an impact regarding which business to use. Ask each scrap yard about the price per pound and whether there are fees for transferring your vehicle into their possession. Inquire as to whether you are required to provide a title for your vehicle as well, so you have time to locate it before drop off or pick up of your vehicle.

Remove Personal Belongings From The Vehicle

Take time to remove all of your personal effects from your vehicle before it is brought to or picked up for a scrapyard. This includes all personal information you leave in your glove compartment pertaining to your vehicle. Be sure to remove seat covers, floor mats, cup holders, and anything extra you may have placed in the vehicle yourself, such as stereo systems or CB radios. Do not forget to check underneath the seats and inside of the trunk for items you do not want to go to the scrap yard.

Decide Whether You Are Scrapping For Parts Or As A Whole

Some people prefer to strip down older vehicles of parts they can sell or give to others with similar vehicles before scrapping a vehicle of their own. If you decide to take upon this task, remove each part and label it before placing it into a storage area. This way you can identify parts with ease when they are no longer attached to your vehicle. Scrap yards purchase parts if you are unable to sell them on your own. If your vehicle is in drivable condition, alert scrap yard staff members so they can use it in their yard or sell it to someone else. You will likely obtain more money for your vehicle if it is in decent condition.

For more information about sending your junk car to a scrap metal yard, reach out to a local company, like TNT Auto Salvage.